Domaine Villa Noria

Villa Noria switch to returnable bottles

Villa Noria, an estate involved in carbon neutrality, is one of the forerunners having switched over 70% of its wine ranges to returnable bottles, and continues its efforts to switch all its products to returnable bottles by the end of 2023.

You can identify them by our special strip

How do bottle deposits and re-use work?

  • We supply glass bottles suitable for re-use in conformity with Réseau France Consigne.
  • We bottle our wines at the Domaine
  • You will find our products using the label “Rapportez-moi pour réemploi” (“Bring me back for re-use”).
  • Once our wines have been drunk, rinse the glass containers and set them aside, without their corks.
  • The next time you go shopping, you can bring back the glass bottles.
    Our partner Oc Consigne (Languedoc) will clean and treat these returnable glass containers.
  • And once they’re clean, the bottles can be used by other producers up to 20 times over!
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