Domaine Villa Noria

Our commitment

The Villa Noria vineyard has been organic since its creation in 2010, and is part of an HVE (high environmental value) program.

To ensure that the vines produce their best, the estate takes scrupulous care of its environment:

  • Protection of the nearby drinking water catchment,
  • Biodiv’eau audit,
  • Elimination of all forms of chemical inputs,
  • Ecosystem development,
  • Landscape conservation and protection
  • Quantification of biodiversity in vineyards, low walls, isolated trees, grass strips…

Villa Noria is the fruit of an overflowing passion, ethics and values. Their winegrowing ancestors, left theḿ love and respect for the land as their only heritage. Located between Pézenas and Montagnac. It produces elegant organic wines in perfect harmony with nature and terroir.

Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountainous foothills of the Larzac terraces, the vines produce elegant wines from noble grape varieties such as Piquepoul, Sauvignon Blanc, Clairette, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay…

Since their creation in 2010, the owner-winemakers have opted for organic viticulture. They give priority to biodiversity (planting hedges around the vineyard plots), the planting of disease-resistant grape varieties (to limit the number of treatments), the protection of a priority drinking water catchment (in partnership with the Hérault valley water union), the conservation and protection of the landscape (Biodiv’eau audit, déphy écophyto network… ), maintaining biodiversity in the vineyards, dry stone walls, mazets, isolated trees, grassy strips…

Vinification is as natural as possible, respecting the grapes, without fining (vegan) and with low doses of sulfites. The philosophy is to use as few oenological products as possible, in order to vinify as naturally as possible with respect for the grapes. Villa Noria holds certifications such as USDA/NOP (for the USA), China Organic and Vin Nature (for sulfite-free cuvées).

The Villa Noria vineyard has been cultivated organically since its creation in 2010, and is part of an HVE and RSE approach. ECOCERT-certified since 2011, Villa Noria is committed to respecting the rules of organic production defined by RCE 834/2007. The estate’s objective is to have a positive carbon footprint by 2022.

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