Domaine Villa Noria

"It all starts in our vineyard."

Wine is the magical result of terroir and grape variety. But what makes the difference between a great wine and a good one is above all the meeting of soil, climate and ancestral know-how.

In the heart of the Hérault region, near Pézenas, a pretty village with a rich historical heritage, lies the Villa Noria vineyard, an estate of 90 hectares of vines nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain foothills.

The Mediterranean climate, hot and dry in summer and relatively mild in winter, is ideal for vines to flourish. The abundant sunshine produces powerful, rich, aromatic wines with a freshness all of their own. There are significant climatic differences between Villa Noria’s different terroirs (influenced by altitude, orientation and proximity to the sea, which brings coolness in summer).

In organic conversion since 2010, and with a view to producing the very best wines, the Villa Noria vines are surrounded by hedges, on the one hand to protect them from pesticide treatments in neighboring fields, and on the other to build a refuge for the vines’ auxiliaries, enhancing biodiversity and creating a balance!

The different terroirs

The Villa Noria vineyard draws its essence from a mosaic of terroirs that play a key role in the typicity of Villa Noria wines.

Les Colombiers, a cool, low-slope volcanic terroir, inherits rich basaltic rock. Favoring Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, it offers slow ripening, preserving the freshness and complexity of Burgundian grapes.

Les Colombiers

Sobaie - Domaine Villa Noria

La Serre, a clay-limestone terroir, is at the heart of the Picpoul de Pinet PDO. Exclusively planted with Piquepoul grapes, this vineyard offers freshness and finesse thanks to slow ripening, benefiting from the Mediterranean maritime influence.

La Serre

Situated on ancient alluvial terraces of the Hérault, these pebble-rich terroirs offer a draining soil similar to Médoc or Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Ideal for Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, with minimal water stress for ripening.

Les Horts

Sobaie - Domaine Villa Noria

Located on a basaltic hillside near Pézenas, La Ròca, a Languedoc PDO, favors Syrah and Grenache Noir. With a warm Mediterranean climate, exceptional soil and surrounding garrigue, it offers aromatic finesse and beautiful structure to the wines.

La Ròca

Sobaie - Domaine Villa Noria

La Candaurade, a tiny parcel of AOP Clairette du Languedoc near Adissan, features Villafranchian marl-limestone soils. Exclusively dedicated to Clairette, a hardy grape variety, it benefits from sunshine and arid soils to flourish.

La Candaurade

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