Why the “Noria”?

On the first parcels purchased in 2010 (the terroir of the Colombier) is enthroned a magnificent “noria”, in almost perfect condition, from which the estate takes its name.  A noria – a lovely word of Arabic origin – is a hydraulic mechanism enabling the water essential for life to be extracted.  The noria is also used for raising water from wells and irrigating plantations. In past times it was horses, mules or oxen that made the wheel turn as, blindfolded, they walked patiently around it. A string of buckets raised the water so ardently sought.

une noria

For the Villa Noria estate, the noria is the symbol of water, of life.  The noria is also the symbol of what the construction of an estate involves: patience, ingenuity, hard work and the quest for the essential.

P.S. Watch the cult scene in the film “La Folie des Grandeurs”, in which the actor Louis de Funès is sent into the desert to work a noria + the film soundtrack.

Why a “Villa”?

The Villa Noria estate, which is close to the Via Domitia and a Roman fortified camp (l’oppidum d’Aumes) has drawn its inspiration from the ancient Roman villa (the “villa rustica”);  the Latin word describes a land holding with buildings for farming and for housing. In the Roman era, a villa was a rural settlement formed by a main residential building and a series of subordinate buildings. Its origin is Roman and at that time, constituted the centre from which a farm business was operated.